Oulu Music Video Festival – Day 2

This week at my home town Oulu there’s plenty to enjoy for people that are hungry for culture! It all began yesterday with the first showings of Oulu Music Video Festival and Airientation by Air Guitar World Championships. Today the music videos continue, along with the Dark Horses’ Qualifying Round for AGWC – and additionally the Oulu Arts Night is tonight, bringing all kinds of artsy experiences to the streets!

I’m one of the many volunteers at OMVF, and yesterday I was working at the festival info. Because it was relatively silent, I had the chance to go see one of the showings (number 2 to be exact) for the Finnish Music Video Competition. Mostly I was disappointed by the quality of the videos – a Winter War veteran with a piercing? Huh? – but there were a couple of exceptions to that, which I’ll share with you now!

The first one was Night Shift, performed by Gracias x JTT and directed by Ezra Gould, who has 2 other videos in the competition this year as well. The song sounds very international and reminds me of the legendary Don Johnson Big Band, which is nothing but good. The video is visually attractive, clear and consistent – and I loved it!

The second one was an obscure video directed by Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala for the song Stalker Humanoid by Renaissance Man. The slow-paced, unique video will make you look at forests differently.

Tonight I’m on a night shift – just like Gracias x JTT – and will be at a local legendary rock club 45Special with a music video jukebox from 22 to 4am. Dying to see what Finnish music videos the audience yearns for! I only hope it’s not this.


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