Nordisk Panorama 2012

ImagePictured: sometimes you end up doing things you’d never have imagined to be doing. Me painting castle walls for a student media project showcase last spring.

The short & documentary film festival touring the Nordic countries lands in Oulu in September. Annually attended by over 700 industry professionals, it’s a major event in the Nordic film industry. I’ve already gotten a sneak peek by assisting in the commercial shootings, coordinated by my classmate, this summer. The first video out of the three that we made is out now:

Along with the videos, I’ll be participating in the actual festival – in just what way, I don’t know yet. We’re having a meeting next Tuesday with the festival coordinator, and after that I should be a bit wiser. Whether it will be coordinating the drivers or hosting the student event Student Rendezvous, I’m sure it’ll be another job to learn from and to enjoy!

The studying autumn 2012 is off to a good start, therefore. I have plenty of energy and I’m looking forward to all the projects and events this semester. Bring it on!


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